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河北20选5五开奖时间 www.zcisy.com 1、祝你的事業和生活像那中秋的圓月一樣,亮亮堂堂,圓圓滿滿!

I wish your career and life as it phases of the Mid-Autumn festival, bright bright, festive!


Send a round cake, with a heart, round, send a round, round a round dream。Happy Mid-Autumn festival!


Wishes and my friend in a foreign land to drift, a happy Mid-Autumn festival!Are you at home ok!


To the Mid-Autumn exceptionally bright, people to the Mid-Autumn festival reunion!I wish you a happy holiday!Family reunion!


A total of sea moon tide health, Trinidad acacia with cloud, remote to send blessings must lock, into the wind in the dream。A happy Mid-Autumn festival!


Send a message to chat with you, set up a bridge missing;There is no good to send you, only a good think you!A happy Mid-Autumn festival!


Said the moon, she will be arranged in the evening on August 15 of the beauty of the moonlight, to send my blessing to your eyes, written in your heart。


Although our distance is far, but you forever linked in my mind, as of August 15 this day, hope to remember me forever, happy Mid-Autumn festival。


I carefully done two cakes, one gave you, wish you happy holidays and all the best, youthful beauty, gave himself a blessed I know you。


Miss green leaves, like a stretch, but also in the Mid-Autumn festival night, and on the other side of the moon, the stars ZuiYan, want to your heart into dreamily, bless you!


Warm greetings, I hope you can always think of me, also hope you can know, in the night of the Mid-Autumn festival, no matter the ends of the earth I deeply bless you。


August Mid-Autumn moon is round to miss chang e tables, you can see in the heart, the goddess of the moon is in the silent wish, wish you life is sweeter than honey!


You cakes I stuffing, smell the meeting;You are my kite is the line, recovery being chased by you;You mingyue I springs, mei-mei full ten thousand years!


The world should have such a coincidence ah, let this celebration of the festival to you gave me and all the Chinese people a happy life and harmonious sweet dream!


You cakes I stuffing, smell the meeting;You are my kite is the line, recovery being chased by you;You mingyue I springs, menu ten thousand years!


Sea rise bright moon, the end of the world total, is also a spending a night, send you a moon cakes, infinite and wishing you all in one, a happy Mid-Autumn festival!


With my hug for your turn, need only for an instant decision, and the eyes of one second, the Mid-Autumn festival, a complete day comes, to reunite a space!


The most beautiful holiday, you want to send a special blessing。Try to find the most beautiful message, I did not do。One of the most simple:a happy Mid-Autumn festival!


A faraway friend are you all right?In this season of missing, the change of my appearance, the same is always worried about your heart!Real wish you happy holidays!


Missing is like the stars, mixed around you;Happiness is like the clouds, piling up you heart。The Mid-Autumn festival is coming, send my best wishes!A happy Mid-Autumn festival。


The wind bring my blessing, the moon take away my greetings, send you a trace of wind, give you a wisp of moon, romantic, human beings, a happy Mid-Autumn festival!


When the bright moon, ask the pancake sky, what pie filling, with lotus-paste is today, I would like to moongazing boat, and a fear of the ship is too slow, very cold in the distance。


It is a full moon night, the moon for you make three wishes:a wish to dream of a round like, two days more than willing to sweet cakes, three bright heart is like month。


Friends, no matter where you now, tonight must see that moon that is forget by you already a long time, make a wish is likely will come true!A happy Mid-Autumn festival!


Let the round moon accompany you and I, let the moon convey my wishes and blessings…… Bless the Mid-Autumn joyful festival happiness, the month circle person circle everything is satisfactory!


Mingyue send radiance, this Christmas festive people;Enjoy a month, celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival。Wish you two people Mid-Autumn festival month reunion, wish you everything is perfect!


It is a full moon night, the moon for you make three wishes:a wish to dream of a round like, two days more than willing to sweet cakes, three wishes like beauty to three months cents。


Mid-Autumn festival season, I'm on to your deep thoughts, into one brief information, through an altitude of three thousand feet, and then back, gently tell you:happy Mid-Autumn festival!


Harvest moon circle circle, sweet cakes and sweet。The skin of the filling of peace, happiness, the yuan's box, platinum rope。Give blessing when delivery, attached a business card is a reunion。


To the Mid-Autumn festival, the moon is round, a group of monkeys fishing month to go。For a moment from down to up, for a moment from above。A little monkey in the lazy, holding a mobile phone text messages。


Mid-Autumn festival is the most beautiful heaven is the full moon, is the most beautiful。Autumn ShuiChangTian common color, happy together。Mid-Autumn festival approaching, wish you happiness all troubles。


Pillow wind is gentle, the term is happy, the lover flower is sweet, harvest moon is passionate, SMS is the talk of love, the moon cake is sweet。Wish friends, a happy Mid-Autumn festival!


Rise bright moon in the heart, the end of the world at this time。Life, I wish people for a long time。The Mid-Autumn festival arrived, wish you happy life。Career progress。Happy happy life, family happiness!


Is not altogether gifts cakes for you。Send you bean paste cakes wish you love sweet like honey;Send your sesame cakes I hope your career high;Send you with lotus-paste cakes to you more wonderful life!


Sky one, the water there, I also have here months。As a gift!Now the cakes on the water, with penetration of Courier from the moonlight。I wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival, one more round full moon!


A song of love song listen to;Have a romantic life;A caring a ecstasy;The moon is a acacia;A piece of cakes a sweet;A Mid-Autumn festival together。A life is you and me!A happy Mid-Autumn festival!


Round moon in the sky, round moon cakes, round happy beautiful, round blessing to your house:happy day jade embellish bead circle, spending a happy life, family auspicious reunion forever。


The month lacks is a full moon, because have a sunrise sunset, is happy, because the painful have failed because success, have tears because a laugh, and have a happy because when you are around。


The month when the song, the Mid-Autumn festival?Psalteries blowing sheng, celebrate the festival。Perched qingqing child class, my heart, but for you so, miss today。Day is far away, happy together。A happy Mid-Autumn festival!


The month lacks when I think you, when month circle I read you, regardless of the month full moon lacks, my heart like that permanent ancient invariable moonlight is following you silently bless you, may you harvest moon circle person circle。


Cool breeze send my blessing, bright moon brings my greetings, meteor recorded the story of the past, moon left permanent auspicious。I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival, the month circle person circle everything is satisfactory!


The Mid-Autumn festival in August, the beauty with the pedestrian。Add your blessing, wish her honey haired month you like cinnamon, yutu stay with you all the joy, the goddess of the moon, you dance。Wish happy holidays, spending a good family。


I wish you a Mid-Autumn festival, the month circle person circle round;Wish you a Mid-Autumn festival, cake round circle eye circle;Hope you, the Mid-Autumn festival home round things round round;Let you Mid-Autumn festival, interpreta dream everything circle!


The health with his left hand, right hand hold wealth。The left leg crossed the dangers and difficulties, right leg on the road to success。Forcibly shout out your happiness, the heart I this Mid-Autumn blessing:a happy Mid-Autumn festival!


Month is round, spend more and take good care of yourself to health;The rain in the swim, birds in the call, I wish you a ha ha laugh every day;Hand book, cup of wine, I wish you good luck every day!Joy more sorrow less, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival!


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